February 3, 2017 | Web Design

Navigating Content Management Systems for Better Web Design

Content Management Systems

Content management is web design made easy. Whether your website needs a blogroll, news feed, or e-commerce integration, Dsquared Media’s custom-coded content management systems make it easy for you to upload, edit, and modify your website whenever you need to.

What are Content Management Systems?

A content management system (or CMS) is a web platform that streamlines the process of building and maintaining a website. They are accessed through a secure web protocol and may be integrated with your website’s domain host. Hundreds of such systems exist, but the most popular and accessible ones are:

There is the right CMS for every kind of website, and our web development team is an expert at building and customizing each of them.

Content Management Systems & Web Development

When it comes to custom web design and development, using a dedicated CMS makes for a convenient separation of content and presentation:

  1. Our web developers work on the back end of the CMS, building custom templates for media, blog posts, service pages, contact forms, sliders, etc.
  2. Custom-scripted templates get transformed into visually appealing web pages on the front end.

The resulting product is scripted as such:
However, it appears as something much more visually stimulating:

Intuitive User Interface

Even when Dsquared Media is responsible for producing 100% of your website’s content, we understand that you will always want to have access to it. A CMS with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface makes that possible. You can see what we’ve published for you and how we’ve customized your website from the ground up.

For you, a CMS makes your website accessible and user-friendly. For us, it makes building your website a much quicker and more hassle-free process. We complete your project on time, and our in-house content team is able to edit it, optimize it, and market it without relying on the technical know-how of our web development team.

Find out more about how we can implement a CMS for your site when you contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE! Call today!

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