Creative UI design ideas and tips for great UX

Danny Donovan
March 12, 2021

UI stands for “user interface” and UX stands for “User experience”. There are some big differences between UI and UX design. UI design makes the website comfortable for the users. The success of a web design depends on how the user interface of the website is designed. So we can say that UI design is very important in webs design field. UI design is also important in designing desktop applications and web applications. In web application UI design, user input commands and wait for the output from the remote device. The remote device sends output to the users when the output is ready. Here we can see a connection between users and remote devices. UI defines the experience of the users. Tips for great UI design are given below.

Know the audience

Before making A UI design for any website or a web application, you should first know the audience. Knowing what things they would like and how they would like to interact with the system is very important. A teenager would like to see a website in a different view than an adult does. A teenager boy would like to see a website differently from a teenager girl. First, you need to identify the audience then start working with UI design.

Reference websites

You are not alone in the galaxy of UI design.  Some other designers had already made UI designs for different websites. Find out some similar websites and then get ideas from their designs. Gather all ideas and then apply your creativity to make the most user-friendly UI design. Get references from popular websites. Since the users have already experienced the design, they will find it easy to access your website.

Catchy Icons

Catchy icons will make your website more pleasant to the users. Eye catchy icons and buttons will attract users easily. It will not only make the design of your website good but also increase the total user experience (UX).

Easily readable fonts

UI designers suggest using different fonts in different section of the website. As an example, header text must have different fonts from the texts in paragraphs. However, you should not use any font, which is not easily readable by the users. If users find it difficult to read the contents on your website, they will hardly come back. Using easily readable but attractive fonts is one of the ways of increasing the UX.

Easy to scan

Most of the users check the entire website first before reading the contents. They check everything from top to bottom that attracts their eyes. For this reason, you need to keep your website easy to scan. Keep less links in a website and do not use more than 3 columns in your website’s layout.

Check UX

The best way of increasing user experience (UX) is checking the website repeatedly. The designer will had the design tested after creating it and as the website owner, you need to check it again. You may also ask the viewers about their experience of visiting your website or using the web application.

Danny Donovan
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