Imperative Advertising Strategies: Web Content Marketing

February 3, 2017

For years, the whole of internet marketing has operated on one principle: “Content is King.” Why? Because the web is all about engagement, and nothing is more engaging than quality written content. Every day, millions of people get their news online. They participate in online chats. They are dedicated members of forums. They subscribe to blogs, newsletters and RSS feeds. Web content marketing is the single most powerful tool for expanding your web presence and brand awareness, and Dsquared has a dedicated team to help you do exactly that.

Blog Writing & Management

Blogs act as a major source of advancement in SEO. Search engines favor websites that consistently add new content, and maintaining daily blog posts is one of the most efficient ways to do this. At Dsquared Media, we have several content writing experts on staff. Our team works tirelessly to optimize your blogs, whether it is content you already have or creating totally new and relevant content for your brand and niche. All of our blogs are created utilizing an easy-to-use platform so that the site owner can effortlessly add content or edit what has already been posted.

Articles & Press Releases

Not only does DSquared Media brand and optimize articles and press releases for our clients – we write them in-house with detailed specification and expertise. The goals of articles and press releases can be multifaceted. It can be part of a strategy that comprises branding, B2C marketing, B2B marketing, link-building, or simply increasing traffic to your website. All these goals we achieve with careful research, diligence and posting relevant content on related sites and issuing press releases on vastly popular and appropriate networks.

E-Commerce Web Content Marketing

E-Commerce is a vibrant and growing field in the online marketplace. However, the scale and magnitude of many sites may pose a problem with regard to search engine optimization. Product descriptions must be unique in order for the products on your website to stand out from those of competitors and rank well on search engine results. It is likely you do not have time to craft literally thousands of unique pages of content — but Dsquared’s dedicated content writing team is here to optimize your site and make sure your site is driving traffic, conversions and revenue.

Becki is a born and raised West Palm Beach local. After a four-year collegiate basketball career, she gained her Bachelor's of Arts degree in English with a focus on creative writing and a minor in psychology right down the road from Dsquared at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Joining Dsquared in August of 2016, her work tasks include creating effective keyword driven content for both websites and blog articles as well as contributing as a member of the SEO campaign team.

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