email marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to reach out and gain interest from people who have shown interest in your business before by providing you with their email address. With an email marketing campaign, you can keep your clientele base up to date with new promotions, new products, new services, newsletters, and anything else you want to promote.

What is Email Marketing?
Essentially, email marketing is using email to send out promotional materials, rather than using the USPS. So, email marketing can be basically anything sent to your customers via email besides order confirmations.

Some of the things you can expect from our email marketing services include:

  • Management of your mailing list
  • Design strategy and creation
  • Email designs meant for use in all applications (mobile, tablet, and desktop)
  • Editorial review and edits
  • Distribution
  • Tracking and analytic reports
  • Continual testing for success

Some Advantages of Email Marketing
Using email marketing can provide you and your business with a number of advantages including:

  • Giving you different options for different types of leads. For example, tracking how many people open and read emails, booking appointments, and more.
  • Giving you one of the most promising ways to reach all types of people as almost everyone has an email account.
  • Continual reporting and adjustments for testing allow you to understand what works for your brand so you can get the most from your email marketing campaigns.

Types of Email Marketing
There are a few ways you can use email for marketing purposes. Here at Dsquared Media, we not only can help to create and develop your email marketing but can also help you determine which type of email marketing you should use for optimal results.

Some types of email marketing to choose from include:

  • General Broadcast: These emails are those you wish to send out to every email address you have on your list. They’re typically only sent once and meant to promote new services or products.
  • Prompted: These emails are for use when a person buys something off your website, inquires about one of your products or services, or is triggered by another type of prompt. These are automatically sent to convert leads when people are most willing to purchase.
  • Target-Focused: We can send specific emails to specific audiences. This way, you can separate your advertising and send targeted emails according to a person’s demographic, interests, or past involvement with your brand.
  • Funnels: Email funnels help to push soft leads into strong leads and eventually, convert them. These funnels can be adjusted accordingly to send information when you want to who you want.
  • Scheduled: These emails are scheduled to be sent on occasions including holidays, birthdays, corporate events, business promotions, and more.