Pay Per Click Advertising Services to Rank on Google

February 3, 2017

Many internet marketing strategies take time and investment in order to achieve the desired results, but there is a much more expedient way to generate sales and acquire new leads. It is called pay per click advertising services (often abbreviated as PPC), and it one of the most favored components of marketing online.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services vs. SEO Servies

Together with search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising services make up the whole of search engine-oriented marketing. Both PPC and SEO focus on ranking for the right keywords so that, when those keywords are searched for, their websites are listed in association with them. However, whereas SEO revolves around leveraging a search engine’s algorithm to achieve high “organic” rankings, PPC involves paying Google and other search engines directly for high placement in their paid advertisements.

Pay Per Click advertising services

How Pay Per Click Advertising Services Work

The PPC model is based on buying keywords, which you bid on against your competitors, from Google and other search engines. Provided your bid is sufficient, your ads appear on the search results page whenever your keywords are searched. The higher your bid is, the higher your ad will appear (for example, page 1 or even the top listing of page 1). Every time your ad is clicked, you pay Google a rate based on what you have bid.Graphic-2

Managing Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing

There are enormous advantages to outsourcing your Search Engine Marketing to Dsquared Media. Devising strategies, conducting keyword research, drafting advertisements, monitoring ad bids, optimizing landing pages…these all take the time and effort of a dedicated marketing team.

All too often, business owners have tried to handle marketing on their own. Yet, they’ve found their money and their resources squandered. At Dsquared, marketing is what we do. With hard work, technical skill and constant vigilance, we will help you penetrate the online market and bring you more business than you thought was possible! Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Becki is a born and raised West Palm Beach local. After a four-year collegiate basketball career, she gained her Bachelor's of Arts degree in English with a focus on creative writing and a minor in psychology right down the road from Dsquared at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Joining Dsquared in August of 2016, her work tasks include creating effective keyword driven content for both websites and blog articles as well as contributing as a member of the SEO campaign team.

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