Search Engine Optimization

The importance of being listed on search engines rises with each new day. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing strategy used to help companies get recognized by search engines so that online presence expands.

How Do Search Engine Optimization Services Work?

When you type a search query into a search engine like Google, you will have likely noticed two different kinds of results: paid and organic. Paid advertising gets your company in the top spots on Google or any other search engine of your choice. But how do companies get to be the first spots underneath the paid advertisements? Organic Google listings are the result of search engine optimization services. Google has an unknown and secret algorithm that automatically rates every website according to specific data, determining how credible and reliable each is. Search engine optimization services are essentially marketing strategies that work to identify the aspects of this algorithm so that they may be implemented into website content and design. Once Google recognizes that a website is deemed credible according to their algorithm, a website is more likely to be listed higher on search engine results and in turn gain more internet prospects and traffic.

Search engine optimization services, or SEO services, focus on the second aspect of the search results: the organic rankings. These results are “organic” because, unlike the paid advertisements, you cannot pay Google to list your website on page one. Instead, Google’s search algorithm generates a web page for a given query based on that page’s (a) relevance to the search and (b) its level of importance on the Internet.

Step One: The SEO Analysis and Plan of Attack

Determining that you would like to invest into and SEO campaign is exciting, but terrifying if you do not know what to do. Not to worry. The first stage in our SEO package is to conduct a complete and thorough SEO analysis of your current website. This will identify keywords utilized on your site, the relevance of them according to local and global searches, and the overall performance of your current site’s SEO campaign. This will provide us with an overall direction to where the SEO campaign should go. For each SEO campaign, our specialists come up with a detailed plan of attack to attain campaign goals set according to business objectives.

Step Two: Technical Site Optimization

Each page of a website is crawled by Google or other used search engines to determine their credibility and reliability. There are a few things that we do know about Google’s algorithm, and SEO strategies are implemented based on what we know works to gain Google’s trust. These strategies include coding technical revisions to on-site aspects like meta descriptions, titles, headings, domain names, sitemap navigations, internal links, image tags, and more.

Step Three: Keywords & Content

The indispensable component of every SEO campaign must be a website’s content. Search engines like rich content and they like it to be updated frequently. This is implemented through regularly maintaining a blog on your website, as well as optimizing any about, location or service pages your website may contain.

In addition to several other technical aspects, each blog incorporates targeted keywords relevant to your audience. This informs the search engine that your website contains content that is relative to the words and phrases that your audience is searching for. We perform extensive keyword research based on your industry and niche, optimizing each piece of written content with the high-traffic, valuable words, and phrases people search for every day.

Step Four: Off-Page Optimization through Link-Building

Whereas on-page metrics determine a site’s relevance, its importance is largely determined off-page. This is where link building comes in. Google and other search engines consider your website importance by the quality and quantity of other sites that are linking back to it. At Dsquared Media, our team of SEO experts run extensive link-building campaigns that encompass:

  • Scalable strategies customized to fit the needs of each individual client
  • Leveraging anchor text placement for greater impact through keywords
  • Incentivizing links through the composition of rich and engaging content
  • Ensuring quality through the disposal of low-grade (spammy) links

Essentially, search engines recognize when other websites trust your website. To get other websites to link to your website, relationships have to be made. Our SEO team works to gain the trust of industry related companies and organizations so that healthy and impressive backlinks can be attained, and our clients’ websites are deemed important in the eyes of search engines due to off page links.

Step Five: Reporting Analytics

Just as we review your overall site for SEO presence, we will continue to do so the length of your campaign. This way, you will see the power of your SEO campaign, and the worth of your investment. Every month you will be provided a report on SEO analytics, gained off-page backlinks, blog and content keywords, reached SEO goals, and future performance strategy.


Reach More Potential Internet Clients with SEO Services

What do internet users do when they need to find something? They search for it on a search engine! If potential customers can’t find your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or otherwise, they can’t find you! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you can get to the top of search results, and we can help!

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